Purchasing and Sales of  Products Off Grade and Equipments 

In association with others Purchasing Professionals we are purchasing and sales of products off grade and equipments, and provide more services in Purchasing Area where our main objectives are:

     Purchasing and Sales of industrial surplus (chemical products, spare parts and equipment

Industrial Disassembly

Materials Management

Outsourcing in Purchasing

Consulting Services in Purchasing/Supply

As an example from one of the works we are developing, one that stands out is the purchase and sale of industrial surplus, in which we have the commitment of selling chemical product surpluses (expired or not), only to duly proven companies that have been duly approved by the proper agencies. We have had an excellent response from these companies, whether from the amounts sold or also for selling to companies approved for handling these products.

In order to illustrate this, here is a list of a few clients that have worked with us, which are: Polibrasil, Dow Química/Union Carbide, Unipar, PQU, Rhodia, Buckman, Solvay, etc.

In case you are interested in our work it will be my pleasure to personally make a presentation of our services in greater detail.

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