1 - How to save and administrate the Purchasing area using 

     statistical controls 

If you are a Purchasing Executive or Manager that is not satisfied with the level of management information available to you, and has not found the answers to a few questions such as:

    -  Do you know how much your Purchasing Area actually purchases?

-  Do you know how many purchasing orders are issued monthly?

-  Do you know, in US$, how much is purchased by each one of your buyers?

-  Do you actually know how much you have been purchasing from each supplier?

-  Do you know how much your Purchasing area has achieved in savings?

-  Do you believe that the saving amounts reported are reliable?

-  Do you know how many purchasing orders have been made by amount range (for example, between US$1.00 and US$5,000, between US$5,001 and US$20,000, between US$20,001 and over US$200,000)?

-  Do you know, exactly, which and how many raw materials are under the responsibility of each buyer?


If you had any difficulty in answering these questions, then we have the solution, not only to these questions, but also to many others. By analyzing your purchasing software, we will be able to answer all these questions clearly, accurately and swiftly. And after our solutions are implemented, these will certainly provide savings ranging from 1% to 10% of your total purchasing.



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