Vital Martins Filho

Objective: Executive position in Purchasing or Logistics.

Summary of Qualifications

Over 13 years’ experience in the Purchasing area of a large multinational company as Purchasing Manager for Latin America and South Africa, responsible for local and international negotiations (Europe, U.S., Latin America, and South Africa), working with teams ranging from 12 to 25 employees.

Responsible for defining strategy, policy, and procedures for purchasing raw materials, packaging, spare and accessory parts, equipment, services, and importing operations, defining strategy and negotiations of all logistics (warehousing, dry and liquid cargo, carriers). Development, implementing and standardization of international purchasing procedures for a total amount of US$300 million/year, in 11 Latin American countries and South Africa, including global negotiations, achieving savings of up to US$10 million/year.

Over 15 years’ experience in Internal Auditing (with a 4-month internship in the U.S.), 4 years as an Internal Auditing Manager at a large multinational, with solid knowledge of general accounting, costs, tax area, sales, human resources, finance and production.  

Expertise in analyzing and identifying process gains as well as in conflict solution in the widest possible range of situations that require being proactive, creative and having negotiating skills, interacting internally and externally with a wide range of hierarchical levels. Highly skilled at resolving conflicts, whether at an internal departmental level or those of an interdepartmental nature.

Major Achievements

Professional Experience

07/76 a 12/02

Dow Química Ltda/Union Carbide Química Ltda.

Purchasing Manager for Latin America and South Africa

Responsible for defining strategy and purchasing of raw materials, packaging, spare and accessory parts, logistics, equipment, services, and importing operations.

Previous Positions: Purchasing Manager/Brazil, Auditing Manager, EDP Auditor, and Senior Auditor.

02/74 a 07/76

Frigorífico Anglo SA.

Senior Auditor

Responsible for the internal auditing team that also performed the auditing for its affiliates, with businesses in the gold/silver, food, tourism, and maritime shipping industries in Brazil and Peru.

11/72 a 01/74


Comind – Grupo Financeiro.

Senior Auditor 

Responsible for carrying out internal audits in the Banking, Financial, Real Property, Insurance, and Stockbroking areas. 

04/64 a 11/72


Firestone, Banco de Investimento do Brasil (Unibanco), NH Empresa Brasileira de Vendas e Ind. de Plásticos Ipla Ltda.

Senior and Junior Auditor, Accountant and Accounting Clerk

 Educational Background

Foreign Languages

Extracurricular Courses and Work-Related Activities

          São Paulo (University of São Paulo)                                                                                     - 1973

Personal Information

Sports: tennis, soccer and swimming.

Brazilian citizen, born April 27, 1949, 1 son.

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